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Template (.html)

In template, you write normal HTML and CGIKit elements. You can locate elements as "<CGIKIT>". CGIKit tag is case-insensitive.

This is an example.

<title>Hello World</title>

<cgikit name="HelloWorld"></cgikit>


CGIKit tag has only one attribute, "name". And, the value of "name" attribute is also used in ckd file. The value don't need to be enclosed by double quotation mark ("). Of course, you can enclose the value by the mark.

Tags that have no bodies can be empty tags. Using empty tags for elements like CKString, CKSubmitButton, etc., is easy to write CGIKit tags.

<cgikit name="HelloWorld"/>


Comment of HTML is interpreted because it is necessary to include something like CSS and Javascript. If you want to comment out some parts of a template, you use "<!--- ... --->". The format is like HTML comments, but with an additional hyphen.