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After startup

Ordinally, you don't have to know the detail after startup. But, if you want to know about the process after startup, see the source and document of CKApplication. The document is provided in RDoc document.

Here, the process after startup is explained succinctly.

<番号リスト-1->When CKApplication#run is called, the CKApplication object creates a CKAdapter object, which is an interface between CGIKit and a web server.

  1. The CKApplication object gets a request object from the CKAdapter object. Then, as explained above, the CKApplication object determines the component to be shown from the parameters of request object.
  2. The CKApplication object loads the specified component and converts it to HTML.
  3. The HTML is added to a response object created by the CKApplication object. The CKApplication object sends the response object to the CKAdapter object.
  4. The CKAdapter object receives the response object and shows it to the browser.