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CKHyperlink generates a hypertext link.

Required attributes: action, hrefor page

Attributes of CKHyperlink
Attribute Type Description
action CKComponent Method to be invoked when the link is clicked.
enabled true/false Generates a non-active link if the value is true.
href String You specify the URL to other web page directly. This attribute prevails over actionor pageattribute.
page String Name of component to display when the link is clicked.
string String Text of the link. If the body of CKHyperlink tag is not empty, the body is displayed. For example, if the template includes <cgikit name=link>foo</cgikit>, this element shows "foo" as the link.
target String target attribute of HTML's <a>tag.
secure true/false Appends "https://" to the URL if the value is true. The default value is false.
query Hash Hash as the query string. The value of queryattribute is converted to string. Then, the string is added to append the URL.