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Creates a fill-in form. Dynamic Elements of form, for example, CKBrowser, CKCheckbox, CKRadioButton, CKPopUpButton, CKText, CKTextField, CKSubmitButton and CKResetButton, are used within CKForm or HTML form. Required attributes are none.

To upload files with form, set enctype attribute to gmultipart/form-datah or fileupload attribute to true. Even if you set multipart form, form data is processed as String excepted data setted content type. The data is used by CKFileUpload as CKByteData.

Attributes of CKForm
Attribute Type Description
method String Method to send form data. You can use POST, GET or HEAD as the value.
enctype String Method to encode form data. Set "multipart/form-data" to this attribute when using CKFileUpload.
href String URL to which the browser directs.
target String Frame in a frameset that receive the page.
query Hash Hash as the query string. The value of queryattribute is converted to string. Then, the string is added to append the URL.
fileupload true/false If you set this attribute to true, enctypeattribute is setted to "multipart/form-data". You can use this instead of enctypewhen using CKFileUpload.