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You can use one component in another component like elements. It means that it is possible to nest components with specifying in binding files.

OtherComponent : MainPage {}

Components has no attributes like elements. Instead of this, components' instance variables are as attributes.

class MainPage < CKComponent
  attr_accessor :title
OtherComponent : MainPage {
  title = "Example for CKComponent";

MainPage component's titleattribute is substituted "Example for CKComponent".


You can write a component which converts itself to a part of a web page. In some cases, a web page is composed of these components. These components are called parts component. Parts componente is recommended to include CKPartsMaker. A component which includes CKPartsMaker isn't displayed even if its name is set to the CKApplication#target.

A name of parts component is recommended to have "Parts" or gComponenth at the end of the name to distinguish it from page component.

Object attributes of CKPartsMaker module
Object attribute Description
substitute_page When CGIKit recieves requests to show component parts, CGIKit shows the page specified by this attribute. A main page of an application is displayed when the value is not defined.