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CGIKit - Web Application Framework

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CGIKit is copyright (C) 2002- SPICE OF LIFE. It is a free software distributed under the Ruby license.


SUZUKI Tetsuya <>

Required Files

stringio    webrick/httpservlet/abstract    shellwords    digest/md5    ftools    path    component    kconv    strscan    set   

Classes and Modules

Module CKAdapter
  ::Class CKAdapter::CGI
  ::Class CKAdapter::ModRuby
  ::Class CKAdapter::Template
  ::Class CKAdapter::WEBrick
Module CKKeyValueCoding
  ::Class CKKeyValueCoding::UnknownKeyError
Module CKPartsMaker
Module CKUtilities
Module CKValidatable
Module WEBrick
  ::Module WEBrick::CGIKitServlet
  ::  ::Class WEBrick::CGIKitServlet::ApplicationHandler
  ::  ::Class WEBrick::CGIKitServlet::HashHandler
  ::  ::Class WEBrick::CGIKitServlet::PathHandler
Class CKAndQualifier
Class CKApplication
  ::Class CKApplication::SessionAuthorizationError
  ::Class CKApplication::SessionTimeoutError
Class CKBrowser
Class CKByteData
Class CKCheckbox
Class CKComponent
  ::Class CKComponent::FileNotFoundError
Class CKConditional
Class CKContent
Class CKCookie
Class CKDefinition
  ::Class CKDefinition::CKDParseError
Class CKElement
  ::Module CKElement::ElementAttribute
  ::Module CKElement::ElementState
  ::Class CKElement::AttributeError
  ::Class CKElement::UnknownElementError
Class CKElementID
Class CKError
Class CKFileLock
Class CKFileUpload
Class CKForm
Class CKFrame
Class CKGenericElement
Class CKHTMLParser
  ::Class CKHTMLParser::CKHTMLParseError
Class CKHyperlink
Class CKImage
Class CKKeyComparisonQualifier
Class CKKeyValueQualifier
Class CKLog
  ::Class CKLog::FileSizeError
Class CKMessage
Class CKNotQualifier
Class CKOrQualifier
Class CKPopUpButton
Class CKQualifier
  ::Module CKQualifier::ComparisonSupport
  ::Class CKQualifier::UnknownKeyError
Class CKQualifierParser
  ::Class CKQualifierParser::ParseError
Class CKRadioButton
Class CKRepetition
Class CKRequest
Class CKResetButton
Class CKResourceManager
Class CKResponse
Class CKSession
Class CKSessionStore
  ::Class CKSessionStore::FileStore
Class CKString
Class CKSubmitButton
Class CKText
Class CKTextField