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Interface SelectPageInterface

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public interface SelectPageInterface

This interface is implemented by pages returned by the D2W method selectPageForEntityNamed. Use methods defined in this interface to initialize a newly created select page.

Method Summary
 NextPageDelegate nextPageDelegate()
          Returns the receiver's next page delegate.
 EOEnterpriseObject selectedObject()
          Returns the object selected by the user.
 void setDataSource(EODataSource aDataSource)
          Sets the receiver's data source.
 void setNextPageDelegate(NextPageDelegate nextPageDelegate)
          Sets delegate object that receives call to nextPage method.
 void setSelectedObject(EOEnterpriseObject selectedObject)
          Sets the receiver's selected object.

Method Detail


public NextPageDelegate nextPageDelegate()
Returns the receiver's next page delegate.

the next page delegate


public EOEnterpriseObject selectedObject()
Returns the object selected by the user.

object that's selected in the datasource


public void setDataSource(EODataSource aDataSource)
Sets the receiver's data source.

aDataSource - data source containing the group of objects from which the user can make a selection.


public void setNextPageDelegate(NextPageDelegate nextPageDelegate)
Sets delegate object that receives call to nextPage method. When the user clicks 'Select' in the select page, Direct to Web invokes the nextPage method on nextPageDelegate. The page returned by that method call is the next page displayed. One normally uses this delegate mechanism to initialize the next page.

nextPageDelegate - delegate object that receives the call to nextPage when the user selects an object


public void setSelectedObject(EOEnterpriseObject selectedObject)
Sets the receiver's selected object. This method can be used to set the default selected object.

selectedObject - object that should be selected when the page is first displayed

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