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Interface EOClassDescription.ClassDelegate

Enclosing interface:

public static interface EOClassDescription.ClassDelegate

The ClassDelegate interface defines a method that the EOClassDescription class can invoke in its delegate. Delegates are not required to provide an implementation for the method, and the implements keyword does not have to be used to specify that the object implements the ClassDelegate interface. The method does need to be declared and implemented if it is needed. The EOClassDescription method setClassDelegate method is used to assign the object as the class delegate. EOClassDescription only attempts to invoke the method if it's actually implemented.

See Also:
EOClassDescription.setClassDelegate(Object delegate)

Method Summary
 boolean shouldPropagateDeleteForObject(EOEnterpriseObject object, EOEditingContext ec, String key)
          Invoked from propagateDeleteForObject.

Method Detail


public boolean shouldPropagateDeleteForObject(EOEnterpriseObject object,
                                              EOEditingContext ec,
                                              String key)
Invoked from propagateDeleteForObject. If the class delegate returns false, it prevents object in ec from propagating deletion to the objects at the destination of key. This method should be used with caution since however, returning false and not propagating deletion can lead to dangling references in the object graph.

object - object in anEditingContext
ec - an editing context
key - deletion of objects at this destination is prevented
See Also:
EOClassDescription.propagateDeleteForObject(EOEnterpriseObject object, EOEditingContext anEditingContext)

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