WebObjects 5.2.3

Interface EOObserving

All Known Implementing Classes:
EOArchiveController, EODelayedObserver, EOEditingContext

public interface EOObserving

The EOObserving interface, a part of EOControl's change tracking mechanism, declares the objectWillChange method, used by observers to receive notifications that an object has changed. This message is sent by EOObserverCenter to all observers registered using its addObserver method.

See Also:
EOObserverCenter, EODelayedObserver, EODelayedObserverQueue

Method Summary
 void objectWillChange(Object object)
          Informs the receiver that object's state is about to change.

Method Detail


public void objectWillChange(Object object)
Informs the receiver that object's state is about to change. The receiver can record object's state, mark or record it as changed, and examine it later (such as at the end of the run loop) to see how it's changed.

object - the object whose state is to be recorded

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