WebObjects 5.2.3

Package com.webobjects.eodistribution

Provides the communication mechanism between the client and server components of Java Client applications.


Interface Summary
EODistributionContext.Delegate This interface defines the methods that can be implemented by the delegate of EODistributionContexts -- mostly to control security.

Class Summary
EODistributionContext EODistributionContext objects perform the server-side related work behind Java Client applications and take care of encoding and decoding enterprise objects and other data.
WOJavaClientApplet Deprecated. So far, Applets have been used for starting and downloading a JavaClient application from a web browser.
WOJavaClientComponent WOJavaClientComponent is the web component used by Java Client applications in connection with Web Start or other desktop applications installed on client machines.
WOJavaClientJNLP WOJavaClientJNLP is the component called to dynamically create the Web Start JNLP information for WebObjects Java Client applications.

Package com.webobjects.eodistribution Description

Provides the communication mechanism between the client and server components of Java Client applications.


The EODistribution layer is used in Java Client applications. The distribution layer performs by-copy object distribution and synchronization. It is responsible for synchronizing the states of the object graphs on the client and on the application server. The distribution layer handles communication over a "channel" (which use transports such as HTTP or CORBA) and moves properties in both directions, that is, as objects are fetched and changes are saved. It encodes and decodes objects as they travel back and forth over the channel.

The following table summarizes each class in the EODistribution layer:

Class Client Server Description
EODistributedDataSource X Fetches data using an EOEditingContext on the client as its source of objects.
EODistributedObjectStore X Handles interaction with the distribution layer's channel, incorporating knowledge of that channel so it can forward messages it receives from the server to its editing contexts and forward messages from its editing contexts to the server.
EODistributionChannel X Abstract class for distribution channels.
EODistributionContext X Encodes data to send to the client and decodes data it receives from the client; also tracks and communicates any changes on the server object graph to the client.
EOHTTPChannel X Implements a distribution channel using HTTP as the transport.
WOJavaClientComponent X Used to aide client application startup and is also the target of the data sent by the EODistributionChannel object. Replaces WOJavaClientApplet, which is deprecated.

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