WebObjects 5.2.3

Interface EOWidgetAssociation.WidgetPlugin.Formatting

All Known Implementing Classes:
EOCocoaComboBoxPlugin, EOCocoaRadioMatrixPlugin, EOCocoaTableColumnPlugin, EOCocoaTextFieldPlugin, EOSwingComboBoxPlugin, EOSwingTableColumnPlugin, EOSwingTextPlugin, EOSwingTreePlugin
Enclosing interface:

public static interface EOWidgetAssociation.WidgetPlugin.Formatting

The Formatting interface defines the basic methods needed to enable setting and getting formatting for a display object. In this way, some widget set specific formatting object can be applied to a display object without the plugin's association knowing anything about the formatting object.

Plugins that implement the Formatting interface only need to know how to get and set the formatting object of their display objects.

Method Summary
 void setValueFormatter(Object valueFormatter)
          Sets valueFormatter to act on the receiver.
 Object valueFormatter()
          Returns the formatter object of the receiver.

Method Detail


public void setValueFormatter(Object valueFormatter)
Sets valueFormatter to act on the receiver. The plugin should use the valueFormatter object to apply formatting to its display object.

valueFormatter - formatting object for the plugin to use


public Object valueFormatter()
Returns the formatter object of the receiver.

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