WebObjects 5.2.3

Class WOSMILDocument

  extended bycom.webobjects.appserver.WOElement
      extended bycom.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
          extended bycom.webobjects.smil.WOSMILElement
              extended bycom.webobjects.smil.WOSMILDocument
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, NSKeyValueCoding, NSKeyValueCoding.ErrorHandling, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, NSValidation, Serializable, WOActionResults

public class WOSMILDocument
extends WOSMILElement

WOSMILDocument creates content for a SMIL "smil" element. This is the root element of a SMIL document. A smil document contains one "head" element and one "body" element.

The WOSMIL framework is designed to let WebObjects developers develop applications that produce SMIL content for SMIL 1.0 compliant players while taking advantage of WebObject's dynamic elements and template engine. This way, a WOComponent can contain standard SMIL elements whose attributes can be generated dynamically, in much the same way as WebObjects is used for HTML applications.

It is expected that developers have some understanding of SMIL. The SMIL recommendation is available here. Each WOSMIL component closely mirrors the elements of the SMIL specifcation. So, for instance, a typical SMIL WOComponent would contain a WOSMILDocument component, within which would be a WOSMILHead and WOSMILBody component. Within the document's WOSMILHead component, there would be a WOSMILHeadLayout and multiple WOSMILHeadMeta component.

The bindings of each WOSMIL component also closely follow the attributes of their SMIL element counterpart. See the documentation about a specific class to see what bindings are available and how they relate to that class's SMIL element attributes.

BindingSMIL attribute
otherTagStringuse this binding to add custom attributes

See Also:
WOSMILHead, WOSMILBody, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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NSKeyValueCoding.DefaultImplementation, NSKeyValueCoding.ErrorHandling, NSKeyValueCoding.Null, NSKeyValueCoding.UnknownKeyException, NSKeyValueCoding.Utility, NSKeyValueCoding.ValueAccessor
Nested classes inherited from class com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCodingAdditions
NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility
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NSValidation.DefaultImplementation, NSValidation.Utility, NSValidation.ValidationException
Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
WOSMILDocument(WOContext context)
          Creates a WOSMILDocument.
Method Summary
 void appendToResponse(WOResponse resp, WOContext cont)
          Sets the response header "content-type" to "application/smil".
 String otherTagString()
          Returns the value of the otherTagString property.
 boolean synchronizesVariablesWithBindings()
          Indicates if the push-pull of values in the parent component is enabled.
Methods inherited from class com.webobjects.smil.WOSMILElement
elementID, setElementID, setOtherTagString
Methods inherited from class com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
application, awake, baseURL, bindingKeys, canAccessFieldsDirectly, canGetValueForBinding, canSetValueForBinding, clone, context, debugString, descriptionForResponse, ensureAwakeInContext, frameworkName, generateResponse, handleQueryWithUnboundKey, handleTakeValueForUnboundKey, hasBinding, hasSession, invokeAction, isCachingEnabled, isEventLoggingEnabled, isStateless, logString, name, pageWithName, parent, path, pathURL, performParentAction, pullValuesFromParent, pushValuesToParent, reset, session, set_componentUnroll, set_unroll, setCachingEnabled, setValueForBinding, sleep, takeValueForKey, takeValueForKeyPath, takeValuesFromRequest, template, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithName, toString, unableToSetNullForKey, validateTakeValueForKeyPath, validateValueForKey, validationFailedWithException, valueForBinding, valueForKey, valueForKeyPath
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Constructor Detail


public WOSMILDocument(WOContext context)
Creates a WOSMILDocument.

context - the context this component is created with
Method Detail


public void appendToResponse(WOResponse resp,
                             WOContext cont)
Sets the response header "content-type" to "application/smil".

appendToResponse in class WOComponent
resp - WOResponse to add content to
cont - WOContext of the request/response loop
See Also:
WOElement.appendToResponse(com.webobjects.appserver.WOResponse, com.webobjects.appserver.WOContext)


public String otherTagString()
Description copied from class: WOSMILElement
Returns the value of the otherTagString property.

otherTagString in class WOSMILElement
value of the otherTagString property


public boolean synchronizesVariablesWithBindings()
Description copied from class: WOComponent
Indicates if the push-pull of values in the parent component is enabled. Returns whether a nested component pulls all values down from its parent and pushes all values to its parent before and after each phase of the request-response loop. This method returns false for stateless components (unless you override isStateless and return true), and true otherwise. Override this method to create a non-synchronizing component.

synchronizesVariablesWithBindings in class WOSMILElement

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