WebObjects 5.2.3

Class WOWebService.SessionInfo

  extended bycom.webobjects.webservices.client.WOWebService.SessionInfo
Enclosing class:

public static class WOWebService.SessionInfo
extends Object

SessionInfo stores all data required to connect to an existing Web service sessions. This class is returned by WOWebService's sessionInfo nethod, and can be passed to the setSessionInfo method on another service, whether that service is in the same WOWebServiceClient instance or in a different one.

See Also:
WOWebService.sessionInfo(), WOWebService.setSessionInfo(com.webobjects.webservices.client.WOWebService.SessionInfo), WOWebServiceClient.sessionInfoForServiceNamed(java.lang.String), WOWebServiceClient.setSessionInfoForServiceNamed(com.webobjects.webservices.client.WOWebService.SessionInfo, java.lang.String)

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 boolean equals(Object anObject)
 String toString()
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public boolean equals(Object anObject)


public String toString()

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