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About CGIKit

CGIKit is a web application framework written in Ruby. This framework bases component for development, you will develop CGI application speedy and efficiency.

CGIKit has these characteristics.

You can develop efficiency applications with components composed of HTML files and Ruby programs. The components are reusable. And to edit HTML files is easy because they independent of Ruby programs.
Dynamic Elements
You can decrease code to use dynamic elements that call methods of Ruby class in HTML.
Automatic sending HTTP headers and decoding form data
CGIKit solves I/O of CGI. It creates HTTP headers and name of attribute for tags related form, and sets form data to binded instance variables.
State manegement
CGIKit services cookie and session management. Standard CGI library is not needed to use with it.
Component supports multi-locale.
100% Pure Ruby
Write once, run anywhere. You only need to install Ruby once.
Run without extension libraries
CGIKit uses standard libraries. Consequently, you don't have to seek out and install extension libraries.
The architecture is similar to WebObjects
CGIKit refered the WebObjects architecture. The architecture of component and element is similar to WebObjects for the most part.


See also latest version in CVS.


Release Notes (1.2.1)


CGIKit is developed using with SourceForge. You can access CVS repository with web browser.

2.x version (under development).
1.x version. This will be developed mainly bug fix. Please use this as stable version until 2.0 release.
1.x version documents.


Mailing List is for talking about CGIKit in English. To subscribe the list, please fill out form in the page. (The list is set up by Stephen Woolerton. Thank you!)

Development Schedule


CGIKit is a free software based on the Ruby license.


Object-Oriented Script Language Ruby
TapKit is an Object-Relational Bridge framework like Enterprise Objects Framework in WebObjects.
An element to use amrita a html/xhtml templete library for Ruby in CGIKit. (Thank you, Mr. Nakajima)
A component to show an array of arrays containing database rows, etc. as HTML table. (Thank you, Bauduin Raphael)
A development tool for CGIKit on Emacs. You can edit 3 files of a component on a screen. (Thank you, Mr. rubikitch)



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