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Packages that use WORequest
com.webobjects.appserver Provides the WebObjects application server, session management classes, component classes, and classes to manage the request-response loop. 
com.webobjects.directtoweb Provides the framework for rapid development of HTML-based WebObjects applications. 
com.webobjects.eodistribution Provides the communication mechanism between the client and server components of Java Client applications. 
com.webobjects.jspservlet Provides the infrastructure that supports the use of WebObjects API in JavaServlet Pages and the deployment of WebObjects components as Servlets. 
com.webobjects.woextensions The WebObjects Extensions are non-synchronizing reusable components defined in the WebObjects Extensions Framework, which is included in every WebObjects Application project. 

Uses of WORequest in com.webobjects.appserver

Methods in com.webobjects.appserver that return WORequest
 WORequest WOContext.request()
          Return the context's WORequest object.
 WORequest WOApplication.createRequest(String aMethod, String aURL, String anHTTPVersion, NSDictionary someHeaders, NSData aContent, NSDictionary someInfo)
          Convenience method that instantiates and returns a new WORequest object.
 WORequest WOAction.request()
          Returns the WORequest that created this Action object.

Methods in com.webobjects.appserver with parameters of type WORequest
 WOSession WOSessionStore.checkOutSessionWithID(String id, WORequest aRequest)
          Checks out a session using id, which is the session id associated with the session.
abstract  WOSession WOSessionStore.restoreSessionWithID(String sessionID, WORequest aRequest)
          Restores a WOSession associated with sessionID from storage.
 WOActionResults WOSession.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Invoked on the WOSession object during the middle phase of the request-response loop.
 void WOSession.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Invoked on the WOSession object during the first phase of the the request-response loop.
 String WOResourceManager.urlForResourceNamed(String aResourceName, String aFrameworkName, NSArray aLanguagesList, WORequest aRequest)
          Returns the public url for the specified resource.
abstract  WOResponse WORequestHandler.handleRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Request handlers must implement this method and perform all request-specific handling.
 boolean WOHTTPConnection.sendRequest(WORequest request)
          Sends a WORequest request to a destination connection point initialized in the constructor WOHTTPConnection.
 WOActionResults WOElement.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          This method is invoked in WOElements in the phase of request handling that results in the triggering of an action method and the return of a response WOComponent.
 void WOElement.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          This method is invoked on WOElement objects during the phase of request handling that extracts user-entered data.
 String WODirectAction.getSessionIDForRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Returns the session ID, or null if one does not exist.
static WOContext WOContext.contextWithRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Deprecated. use WOContext(WORequest aRequest) instead
 WOActionResults WOComponent.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Tells the component to execute any action specified in the request.
 void WOComponent.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Tells the component to synchronize its variables with values from the request.
 WOContext WOApplication.createContextForRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Creates a new context object for a given request.
 WOSession WOApplication.createSessionForRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Creates and returns a WOSession object to manage a session for the client.
 WOResponse WOApplication.dispatchRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          The starting point of the request-response cycle in WOApplication.
 WOResponse WOApplication.handleActionRequestError(WORequest aRequest, Exception exception, String reason, WORequestHandler aHandler, String actionClassName, String actionName, Class actionClass, WOAction actionInstance)
          Invoked when an action handler throws an exception in handleRequest.
 WORequestHandler WOApplication.handlerForRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Returns the request handler to be used to handle a given request.
 WOActionResults WOApplication.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          The WOApplication object invokes this method on itself to initiate the middle phase of request handling.
 boolean WOApplication.shouldRestoreSessionOnCleanEntry(WORequest aRequest)
          This is a delegate method for the developer to override for custom behavior.
 void WOApplication.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          WOComponentRequestHandler invokes this method on WOApplication to initiate the first phase of request handling.
abstract  String WOAction.getSessionIDForRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Get and return the session ID for the request, if one exists.

Constructors in com.webobjects.appserver with parameters of type WORequest
WOMultipartIterator(WORequest aRequest)
WODirectAction(WORequest aRequest)
          Subclasses must override to provide any additional initialization.
WOContext(WORequest aRequest)
          Returns a WOContext instance initialized with aRequest.
WOAdminAction(WORequest aRequest)
          This constructor is intentionally undocumented.
WOAction(WORequest aRequest)
          Subclasses must override to provide any additional initialization.

Uses of WORequest in com.webobjects.directtoweb

Constructors in com.webobjects.directtoweb with parameters of type WORequest
D2WActions(WORequest request)

Uses of WORequest in com.webobjects.eodistribution

Methods in com.webobjects.eodistribution with parameters of type WORequest
 WOActionResults WOJavaClientComponent.invokeAction(WORequest request, WOContext context)
          Overridden for internal purposes to dispatch Java Client requests.

Uses of WORequest in com.webobjects.jspservlet

Methods in com.webobjects.jspservlet with parameters of type WORequest
 WOSession WOServletSessionStore.restoreSessionWithID(String sessionID, WORequest woRequest)

Constructors in com.webobjects.jspservlet with parameters of type WORequest
WOServletContext(WORequest aRequest)
          Creates a new WOServletContext object with aRequest.

Uses of WORequest in com.webobjects.woextensions

Methods in com.webobjects.woextensions with parameters of type WORequest
 WOActionResults WXOutlineEntry.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 void WXOutlineEntry.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 void WOTable.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 WOActionResults WOMethodInvocation.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 void WOMethodInvocation.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 WOActionResults WOLongResponsePage.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)

Constructors in com.webobjects.woextensions with parameters of type WORequest
WOStats(WORequest aRequest)
WOProjectBuilderAction(WORequest aRequest)
WOEventSetup(WORequest aRequest)
WOEventDisplay(WORequest aRequest)

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